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Rick's Cafe Perched on top of the West End Cliffs

Beautifully located on a stunning cliff side, Rick’s Café has been around since 1974, back when the town of Negril was just a quiet fishing village, not the tourist hotspot it is today. Watch the sunset from this magnificent perch on the West End cliffs while you enjoy tasty dishes cooked up by Chef Phillip “Sheddy” Williams who has been manning the kitchen for over 15 years.

Then there’s only one thing left to do – jump! Countless visitors and locals have jumped and dived off the cliffs surrounding Rick’s Café into the crystal clear water below. For those most daring, the highest jump is 35 feet and is a guaranteed thrill of a lifetime.

Nine Mile The birthplace of Bob Marley

Tucked away high up in Negril’s mountains is the small but gorgeous rural village of Nine Mile, the birthplace of musical legend Bob Marley. See Jamaica at its absolute finest as you explore the town where the reggae superstar spent his childhood and was later laid to rest. A stop by Bob Marley’s mausoleum is a must for an unbeatable piece of history.

Blue Hole Mineral Spring Prepare to be pampered by nature

First discovered in 2007, the Blue Hole is a stunning mineral spring located inside a cavern and completely surrounded by Karst limestone. The naturally occurring minerals in the limestone act as a filter for the water, leaving behind what has been described as “a luxuriously pure bath of minerals” for all guests to enjoy. Pamper yourself in this one of a kind mineral spring and feel all of your tension escaping as your body and soul thank you.

Royal Palm Reserve Explore and discover

This massive (and very impressive) reserve is spread over more than 300 acres and is home to about 300 species of animals, reptiles, birds and butterflies and over 114 species of flowers. Filled with breathtaking nature trails, it is the ultimate place to enjoy all the quiet nature Jamaica has to offer, as well as magnificent views of Negril. Catch a glimpse of the famed but shy alligator, fish in one of the stacked ponds, conquer one of the many trails or enjoy a relaxed picnic in the shade – Royal Palm Reserve offers something for everyone.

Black River Safari Into the heart of real Jamaica

Being the longest river in Jamaica is not all Black River has to boast about. Home to an abundance of local wildlife, it is also the perfect place to catch a glimpse of one of Jamaica’s most famous residents – the crocodile. Surrounded by small towns and quaint fishing villages, a trip to Black River is a trip into the heart of the real Jamaica. Take a cruise along the river and marvel at nature as you try and spot crocodiles, as well as fishermen sailing along in their canoes on the hunt for shrimp.

Dolphin Cove Dive into adventure

A marine attraction like no other, visitors to Dolphin Cove will have the opportunity to swim with dolphins, interact with exotic sea life, including stingrays, watch a shark show and enjoy the thrill of a lifetime. Located on 23 acres of glistening white sandy beach, you can both enjoy time in the sun and interact with one of the most beautiful marine creatures in the world – the dolphin. You can get a kiss or try your hand at a dance and really get up close and personal with one or two dolphins while swimming in the deep.

YS Falls Mother Nature's gift to Jamaica

Tucked away in a secluded area of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica’s sugar growing region, lies one of the country’s most beautiful natural attractions – YS Falls. 120 feet tall, the waterfall gently cascades over seven stunning levels. Walk up the steps to marvel at the falls without getting wet or become one with nature and swim in the natural spring pools found on each of the seven levels as you look around and soak in the jungle-like atmosphere. Once you’re relaxed and ready for more thrills, climb onto the canopy zip-line and fly 40 feet above the YS Falls.

Negril’s Nightlife No better place to dance up a hurricane

If there’s one thing that might be hotter than the Caribbean sun, it’s Negril’s nightlife. From Cindy Crawford to P. Diddy, celebrities love frequenting this beautiful town’s clubs and you will too.

Stop by Alfred's Ocean Palace to hear live reggae and jazz acts on a stage set up directly on the beach or pass by Margaritaville, which is usually packed, drawing crowds to its four open-air bars where karaoke happens every Sunday and bikini and wet T-shirt competitions are a regular event.

If you want the most crowded, over the top, famous dance club in Negril, look no further than The Jungle, which attracts sports and music celebrities galore. Their slogan is "Unleash the Animal" and that’s exactly what you’ll be expected to do at this hot and steamy Negril institution. Four bars and dance floors can be found on the main floor - with music varying according to the night's theme – while the upper level is the place to go to lay back and cool down before returning to the dance floor. Step into the Jungle Arcade gaming room if you want to try your luck at one of the 100 slot machines. The best part? The club will never close before the last guest sets foot out the door.

Other points of interest

  • The Peter Tosh Monument

    Pay your respects to the late reggae superstar, Peter Tosh, at this monument built in his honor.

  • Booby Cay Island

    Named for the seabirds (boobies), this beautiful, small, coral island served as the backdrop for Walt Disney Pictures' 1954 film, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

  • Kool Runnings Adventure Park

    An incredible waterpark filled with over 5 acres of thrilling water rides and eye-popping dry park attractions, there's fun for the whole family!